Where to buy Ral's records

Note: as other sources become known to me I will add them to this page. Please let me know via e-mail (tcwilson@rogers.com) if you know of a good, reliable store or website.















1. The best place for vinyl ( LP's & 45's) in my opinion is Craig Moerer's "Records By Mail" USA website ( http://www.recordsbymail.com/search/index.html ). Click "To Search For A Record" then enter "Ral" and "Donner" in the fields for first and last name, then click "Search". Craig always has a stockpile of Ral items though the type of items "in stock" change frequently. Craig's prices are very reasonable.

2. Flip Side Records in Pennsylvania ( http://www.flipmall.com ). With 2,000,000 records in stock the chances are that you will find a "want list" item here. The lists are long and take a while to load - be patient! You will do a lot of scrolling. The different catagories are all sorted alphabetically. For Ral's singles click on "RARE 45 (A thru D)" and for LP's click on "ROCK ALBUM (A-D)".

3.** By bidding on eBay ( http://www.ebay.com ). Personally I'm not keen on auctions but you may just find that elusive Ral Donner item. Enter "Ral Donner" (without the quotes) in the "what are you looking for?" field, then click "find it!".

4.** CD Express (Rockhouse Records) in Holland ( http://www.musicmailexpress.com ). Click on the language of your choice, type "Donner Ral" (without the quotes) in the search field then click on "Search". Rockhouse has some hard to find items and the prices tend to be high - check elsewhere first for a lower price.

5. ** MusicStack USA ( http://www.musicstack.com/search/ral_donner.html ).

** Compact Discs also sold

Compact Disc

This is more difficult as there are many excellent places to buy Ral's CD's. Most of the larger outlets of the "chain" record stores such as Tower, HMV, Virgin etc would carry the latest CD by Ral ( import or domestic issue ). On the Internet there are many sites ( including all the afore-mentioned stores ) selling CD's. My personal favorite is AMAZON ( http://www.amazon.com ). HMV in UK carry several Ral Donner CD's ( http://www.hmv.com ).


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