October 2002

Veteran British disc jockey Brian Matthew plays "You Don't Know What You've Got" on BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2


September 2002

"Cinderella Twist", an unissued item that Ral sang in the 15 minute 1962 documentary "Dance Craze" (color) has turned up on a VHS video titled ROCK AND ROLL RUMBLE VOL. 1 (also on a DVD issued in 2003). Ral is seen on stage singing this song. Also, Ral is heard (but not seen) singing part of another unissued song "Big Daddy Twist" during the opening credits. This is only available at:

Search titles by entering DANCE CRAZE. ROCK AND ROLL RUMBLE VOL. 1 is the 2nd and 3rd items found. The catalog number for the VHS video is 5395 for US $10.00 then plus shipping/postage. For the DVD of the same title the catalog number is 3778 for US $10.00 then plus shipping/postage. The entire 15 minutes of 'Dance Craze' is on the video - the quality is excellent and it's in color. This 2 hour video also includes many other artists singing more than 40 songs in trailers from obscure 50s & 60s films.

Another DVD also shows up as the7th item the above search - the title is WILD GUITAR / THE CHOPPERS with different content but the entire 15 minutes of DANCE CRAZE is included. The catalog number is 2255 for US $19.95 then plus shipping/postage.

This is from the somethingweird site:

All videotapes & DVDs are NTSC. PAL and other international video formats are also available at no additional charge!


April 2001

Ral Donner single surfaces after 21 years! Coupled with a bizarre novelty song by "Mickey & Larry" (the "A" side) - this 45 probably sold very few copies and most of these would have been in the Chicago area where the label was based. Issued in 1980 as a "B" side, the song "Maria Forever" was recorded in 1972 and is only available on this single. It is a slow ballad quite different from any other Ral Donner recording. Ral is in fine form and gives an incredible performance that truly shows the vocal range that he had. Although I've always known that Ral had recorded "Maria Forever", I was unaware that this was actually issued. Many thanks to Ronnie Salyer in Virginia for bringing me up-to-date and for supplying this information - Terry

Chi-Town 4

Mickey & Larry - A Message To Ayatullah Khomeini - Free The Hostages Now."Stranded In The Middle Of No Place"

Ral Donner..... ...- Maria Forever ( double click to hear this song in MP3 )


March 2001

Jeffrey S. MacQueen from Love's Park, Illinois has written and recorded a tribute to Ral entitled YOU SANG FROM THE HEART (a home recording)- It is hoped that it will be featured on this website within a month or so. This song is on the RELATED page.


January 31, 2001

Castle Music in UK issued a double CD on January 29, 2001 titled:

"You Don't Know What You've Got - The Ral Donner Anthology" CMEDD043. The material is from the following labels: Scottie, Gone, Tau and Red Bird. The insert contains many new pictures as well as a detailed biography. See CD Reviews for complete details


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