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11th June 2024 - 1996 biography of Ral by Billy Poore added to Biography5

18th February 2024 - image of OH BOY / MISS ANN acetate added to Sessions

19th May 2023 - Two 1961 or 1962 photos on stage at night club added to Picture Gallery 11

28th April 2023 - Pete Hutton sings "Nothin But Heartache, Nothin But Tears" (an unreleased song in Ral Donner style) Related

15th February 2023 - Tribute to Ral in NOW DIG THIS magazine from June 1984 Picture Gallery 30

19th December 2022 - Teen Time magazine cover from Dec 1961/Jan 1962 added Posters

9th December 2022 - 1991 biography of Ral by Bob Hyde added to Biography4

6th December 2022 - Len Bednarczyk at Acacia Mausoleum Picture Gallery1

6th December 2022 - a very young Ral! Picture Gallery 29

5th December 2022 - Len Bednarczyk's version of Pray For Me added to Related

30th November 2022 - 2020 biography of Ral by Michael Jack Kirby added to Biography3

17th November 2022 - 1982 biography of Ral by Jeff Lind added to Biography2

11th November 2022 - large pictures of original 45s added to Picture Gallery 28

7th November 2022 - Jack Christy "True Love's Ways" added to Related page Related

4th November 2022 - Picture Gallery 27 added - 2 family photos plus 1961 in concert photo Picture Gallery 27

30th October 2022 - Picture Gallery 26 added - 1970s photo of Ral with guitar Picture Gallery 26

30th October 2022 - Picture Gallery 25 added German nagazine cover from February 2019 Picture Gallery 25

29th October 2022 - Will You Love Me in Heaven + Beyond The Heartbreak added to MP3s + Alternate Info

28th October 2022 - Picture Gallery 24 added Picture Gallery 24 (Ral's 20th birthday on February 10th 1963)

19th March 2020 - details of 2015 Japanese CD added JapanCD

21st July 2019 - Cash Box front page from 16th December 1961 added Picture Gallery 23 (courtesy of Al Campbell)

30th May 2019 - Sheet Music for PLEASE DON'T GO added to Posters (courtesy of Al Campbell)

23rd May 2019 - Added September 1964 poster from Conneaut Lake Park, Pennsylvania to Posters (courtesy of Al Campbell)

11th January 2019 - Cash Box 27th April 1963 photo of the newest Reprise singers added Picture Gallery 23 (courtesy of Volker Houghton)

2nd January 2019 - July to August 1961 KRLA radio contest added to Picture Gallery 22 (courtesy of Al Campbell)

26th December 2018 - Just received legit reissue on CD of TAKIN' CARE OF BUSINESS (same 14 songs and artwork as on the GONE LP).
Only issued in Japan on Warner Music WPCR-16667 LET IT ROCK series. BRILLIANT SOUND!! Well worth the investment. Issued Aug 2015

8th April 2018 - Added 1965 ticket from Virginia, Minnesota to Posters (courtesy of Al Campbell)

9th March 2018 - Picture Gallery 21 added Picture Gallery 21 (September 2015 Now Dig This cover)

9th March 2018 - Picture Gallery 20 added Picture Gallery 20 (December 2015 American Music Magazine cover)

9th March 2018 - Picture Gallery 19 added Picture Gallery 19 (1978 Record Digest cover - courtesy of Al Campbell)

26th February 2018 - Picture Gallery 18 added Picture Gallery 18 (1961 Bandstand agreement signed by Ral & Dick Clark - courtesy of Al Campbell)

20th February 2018 - Added 1961 poster from Decorah, Iowa to Posters (courtesy of Al Campbell)

8th December 2016 - PITTSBURGH MP3 (1972 unissued) added to Audio page Audio

16th September 2016 - Ronnie McDowell's 1981 version of "You Don't Know What You've Got" uploaded. Courtesy of Don Lance Related

11th March 2016 - GODFATHER IMPRESSIONS MP3 added to MP3s +Alternate Info page. Original version of GODFATHER PER ME.

9th March 2016 - February or March 1958 'TIME FOR TEENS' photo of Ral and the Rockin' Five added. Courtesy of Alan Sears Gallery 17

8th March 2016 - Christmas 1957 photo of Ral and the Rockin' Five added. Courtesy of Alan Sears Gallery 16

1st April 2015 - April 30th 1981 telephone conversation between Ral & Don Lance added. Mostly about the movie 'This Is Elvis' Misc

22nd May 2014 - Picture Galleries 12 thru 15 added Picture Galleries

22nd May 2014 - high resolution copy of 1961 Billboard image added Posters

22nd May 2014 - new CD image (GVC) added Sleeves

22nd May 2014 - home page main image changed to 1961 Billboard (improved resolution)

1st May 2014 - new double CD (Burned!) added to UK discography UK discography

12th February 2014 - home page main image changed to signed promo picture sent by Dan C. Pawlak

26th July 2011 - M.J. Suerth Funeral Home pamphlet added to Biography (courtesy of Earl Hensley) Biography

21st March 2011 - 1960 photo of Ral with J. Tom Miller added to Picture Gallery (courtesy of Tom Miller) Gallery 11

11th March 2011 - poster and sign from 1965 show with Everly Brothers (courtesy of Dan C. Pawlak) added to Picture Gallery Gallery 10

7th March 2011 - 1962 photo of Ral with Debbie Dean added to Picture Gallery Gallery 10